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IMPORTANT: The call for paper has been extended to October 7.

The Italian PostgreSQL Users Group (ITPUG) staff is proud to announce that the Call for Papers for PostgreSQL Day (PGDay) 2012 is now open. The sixth edition will be held in Prato on November 23.

PGDay is the Italian national day entirely dedicated to PostgreSQL, world’s most advanced Open Source database. During this event, developers, database administrators, translators, fans and, more in general community members can meet, share ideas and information, and learn all the news about PostgreSQL.

Members of the international community will attend the event giving talks (in English) about the state of the art of the PostgreSQL project.

At PGDay you will find:

  • regular talks (database research, algorithms, optimization techniques, administrating tips and tricks, disaster recovery, replication and development in general)
  • lightining talks (short talks, e.g., to make people to know about your PostgreSQL based product)
  • tutorials (short courses to ease and share the knowledge about PostgreSQL and extensions related to it)
  • laboratory sessions, where users will experience acquired knowledge directly on computers.

To give a talk during PGDay 2012 you must submit your work to our attention, so that our reviewing committee will evaluate it and decide if it can be accepted or not; authors will be notified about the decision regarding their contribution(s).

You can teach a tutorial on advanced, administering, programming and management topics. You have to present your tutorial to the reviewing committee detailing which material will be freely available to students, what hardware/software you need and what are required knowledge levels for students to attend to the tutorial. Every tutorial must include a live demo and can not be longer than 60 minutes. All the didactic material (slides, code snippets, howtos, etc.) must be freely available (either by printed or electronic copies) to the attendees and is in charge of the teacher.

It is possible to acquire a slot of time for a lightining-talk (5 minutes) allowing the reviewing committee to know the topic and the agenda of the talk. Please consider that you can also sign up for a lightining-talk at the PGDay, assuming the topic is interesting and there is a slot of time available.

To submit your work for the PGDay 2012 you have to send an e-mail before the deadline (30 September 2012 7 October 2012) at [email protected] taking care of the following information:

  1. author(s) and chosen lecturer (it is possible to present a work with no more than three lecturers)
  2. subject and title of the work, as well as the context of the work itself. If the work is a tutorial you have to specify the intended audience, the aim and the required knowledge of the tutorial;
  3. an abstract no more long than 2000 words. The abstract must explain in detail the work to be presented;
  4. needed resources (Internet connection, demo computers) and their availability by the lecturer(s)
  5. time required for the talk. Please consider that a normal talk cannot be longer than 30 minutes and cannot be shorter than 5 minutes (this is the time for lightning talks). For tutorials ranges are between 30 and 60 minutes.

All the above must be sent as plain text or PDF, any other format will be simply discarded.

The reviewing committee has the right and the due to evaluate the above information and to require additional information if needed.

Every accepted work must be prepared according to the authors guide that will be provided.

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