MultiMaster Replication: Applications, Comparison, Implementation


MultiMaster Replication is one of the most requested features by PostgreSQL users.

Simon Riggs will discuss how and when you might want it and evaluate various replication implementations in CouchDB, MongoDB, SQLServer and Oracle.

Andres Freund will discuss the architecture, summary of implementation and benefits of the current Bi-Directional Replication project under development for 9.3 and beyond.

All explained to be accessible for intermediate users.


MultiMaster Replication: Applications, Comparison, Implementation (in formato HTML)


Simon Riggs - Major Developer & Committer, PostgreSQL CTO of 2ndQuadrant

Simon works as an Architect and Developer of new features for PostgreSQL, setting technical directions for 2ndQuadrant and as a Database Systems Architect for 2ndQuadrant customers. Simon is the author of PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook.


Andres Freund – 2ndQuadrant Consultant

Andres Freund is a developer and consultant at 2ndQuadrant Ltd. He is using and sometimes developing Postgres and other Open Source projects since 2005. Before his current job he worked as a freelancing consultant in the area of databases and software engineering for several years.